who won the 350 alligator tags on swamp people 2023

Who Won The 350 Alligator Tags on Swamp People 2023

Get ready for some exciting news! The popular reality TV show, Swamp People, has just wrapped up its 14th season with a bang. And as usual, the season’s highlight was when the contestants competed to win alligator tags that allowed them to hunt these fearsome creatures in Louisiana’s swamps and bayous.

This year, there were 350 alligator tags up for grabs each worth tens of thousands of dollars! So who won the coveted prize? In this blog post, we’ll reveal the winners of the 350 alligator tags on Swamp People 2023 and find out what they plan to do with their spoils. Plus, we’ll tell you how you can become a contestant on this thrilling show and live your swamp adventure!

The 350 alligator tags

The alligator tags are highly sought after by hunters and fans of Swamp People alike. These tags permit the holder to hunt alligators in Louisiana’s swamps and bayous during the designated hunting season. This year, there were 350 alligator tags up for grabs – a significant increase from previous seasons. To win one of these coveted tags, contestants had to compete in various challenges that tested their skills as hunters and swamp dwellers.

Each tag is worth tens of thousands of dollars, making them extremely valuable prizes. The winners have the opportunity to sell or lease their tags, which can provide a substantial source of income. But it’s not just about money. Hunting alligators with an official tag is a unique experience few people enjoy. It requires skill, patience, and courage as you navigate the treacherous waters and try to capture one of nature’s most fearsome predators. The 350 alligator tags on Swamp People represent an exciting opportunity for contestants and fans. Whether watching from home or competing for your chance to win one, this season was full of thrills!

Swamp People Season 14 Finale and New Season

Swamp People Season 14 Finale and New Season

Swamp People is a thrilling reality TV show that takes viewers deep into the swamps of Louisiana to witness alligator hunting. The show has gained immense popularity, with viewers eagerly anticipating each new season. The Season 14 finale was no exception, as fans were on edge waiting to see who would win the coveted 350 alligator tags. The episode did not disappoint and left viewers excited for what’s to come in the next season.

As expected, there will be a new season of Swamp People, which promises more exciting alligator hunts and jaw-dropping moments. Fans can expect to see their favorite swampers back in action as they navigate treacherous waters and face off against some of the biggest gators. While we don’t have any details on what will happen in Season 15 just yet, one thing is certain: it’ll be packed with adventure and excitement from start to finish! Stay tuned for more updates on Swamp People Season 15!

The winners of the tags

After an exciting season of Swamp People, who had won the coveted 350 alligator tags, the winners were a mix of seasoned hunters and fresh faces to the show. One of the most notable winners was Willie Edwards Jr., who is known for his ability to catch large gators. He expressed his excitement about winning the tags, saying he planned to use them by catching as many big gators as possible.

Another winner was newcomer Ryan Walker, who impressed viewers with his hunting skills during his debut season on Swamp People. Despite being relatively new to alligator hunting, he managed to secure many tags, which will undoubtedly provide him with plenty of opportunities in future seasons. Fan-favorite Troy Landry also came out on top once again this season. His experience and expertise in alligator hunting have made him one of the biggest names in swamp country and have earned him countless fans across America. This year’s crop of tag winners is ready and eager to bring home some massive gators. Viewers can’t wait for next season when they’ll get a chance to see what these talented hunters will do with their hard-earned prizes!

What will the winners do with the tags?

What will the winners do with the tags?

The winners of the 350 alligator tags on Swamp People have a big decision to make. They can either sell the tags to other hunters or use them themselves. Selling the tags is a popular option because it can bring in substantial money, especially if they go to high-demand areas. However, some winners keep and use their tags for personal hunting trips. These coveted alligator tags allow them to enter restricted areas unavailable to regular hunters. This gives them access to some of the Swamp’s largest and most elusive gators.

Another possibility for those who win these prestigious alligator tags is donating them as prizes for charity auctions or raffles. This way, they can give back while sharing their love for hunting. Winning one of these highly sought-after alligator tags opens up many possibilities for new experiences and opportunities in swamp hunting.

How to Become a Contestant on Swamp People

If you’re a fan of Swamp People and want to know how to become a contestant, there are some things you need to know. Firstly, the show is filmed in Louisiana, so it may be difficult for you to participate if you don’t live in or near that state. Secondly, being a contestant on Swamp People requires certain skills and knowledge. You must have experience hunting alligators and be familiar with the waterways of Louisiana. It’s also important that you are physically fit and able to handle the rigors of alligator hunting.

To apply for the show, visit the History Channel’s website and look for casting calls for Swamp People. They usually announce when they’re looking for new contestants before filming begins. When applying for the show, make sure your application stands out from others by showcasing your skills and experience. Provide as much detail as possible about your background in alligator hunting and why you would be an ideal candidate for Swamp People. Becoming a contestant on Swamp People takes more than just signing up. You need relevant skills, location proximity, plus physical fitness, among other things mentioned above.

Who won the 350 alligator tags on swamp people 2023

Who won the 350 alligator tags on swamp people 2023

The highly anticipated season finale of Swamp People Season 14 left fans on the edge of their seats as they waited to find out who would win the coveted 350 alligator tags. As always, there was intense competition among the hunters, with each one hoping to come out on top. After a grueling season filled with challenges and unpredictable weather conditions, it was finally announced that Troy Landry had won most of the tags. This came as no surprise to fans of Swamp People, as Troy has proven time and time again that he is one of the best gator hunters in Louisiana.

However, other seasoned swamp veterans such as Jacob Landry and Bruce Mitchell also managed to secure many tags for themselves. It will be interesting to see how these experienced hunters put their tags to use in upcoming seasons. As for what each winner plans to do with their allotted amount of tags, only time will tell. Some may sell them off, while others may hunt every last gator themselves. Regardless of what they decide, one thing is certain: plenty more heart-pumping hunting adventures will come our way, thanks to these skilled hunters. If you’re interested in becoming a contestant on Swamp People and snagging some alligator tags for your hunting expeditions, keep an eye out for casting calls and tryouts in your area!

Troy Landry Remains The King of Swamp

Troy Landry, the fan-favorite alligator hunter and reality TV star of Swamp People, has once again proven why he is known as the “King of the Swamp.” Despite stiff competition from other seasoned hunters in Season 14, Troy managed to come out on top and secure many coveted tags. Landry’s experience and skillset have made him one of Louisiana’s most respected gator hunters. He knows how to read the Swamp like no one else, making tracking his prey easier. His ability to take down massive gators single-handedly is unmatched by any other contestant on the show.

But what sets Troy apart from others is his humble approach to hunting. He doesn’t hunt for fame or fortune but sees it as a way of life that needs preservation. His passion for protecting wildlife runs deep, evident when he declined an offer to hunt invasive species outside Louisiana because it went against his values. Troy Landry’s success story inspires aspiring contestants who want to make their mark on Swamp People. With his years of expertise and dedication toward conservation efforts, Landry remains an irreplaceable figure in this exciting world of alligator hunting and beyond!

Who Won The 350 Tags On Swamp People?

who won the 350 tags on swamp people 2023

After much anticipation, the winners of the 350 alligator tags on Swamp People have finally been revealed. The competition was fierce, and only a select few could come out on top. Among the winners were some familiar faces, including Troy Landry and his son Chase. This comes as no surprise to fans of the show who know that Troy is a seasoned hunter with a wealth of experience in catching gators.

Other winners include Bruce Mitchell and Jacob Landry, well-known names in the swamp community. These hunters have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to take down some of the biggest gators around. So what will these lucky hunters do with their newfound bounty? Some may sell their catches for profit, while others may donate them to local charities or keep them for personal consumption. Regardless of their plans, one thing is certain: these hunters are among the best in the business and have earned their place among this year’s tag holders.


The 350 alligator tags on Swamp People 2023 were highly sought after by many hunters. Troy Landry, the king of the Swamp, remained victorious and secured his spot as one of the best hunters in Louisiana. The winners of the tags will undoubtedly use them to continue hunting alligators for their meat and valuable hides. It’s exciting to see new faces join in on this traditional activity that has been a part of Louisiana culture for generations.

If you are interested in becoming a contestant on Swamp People and winning your own set of alligator tags, keep an eye out for casting calls or reach out to producers directly. Who knows? You could be the next big winner in this beloved reality series. Until then, let’s celebrate Troy Landry and his team’s success while awaiting what season 15 has in store. Thank you for reading our article about who won the 350 alligator tags on Swamp People 2023!

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