Facts about Root Canal Treatment

Facts about Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist probably told you that you need a root canal treatment. As soon as they utter these words, your mind immediately imagines drills and pain. But the good news is that it is far from the truth. Root canal procedure is completely safe and necessary to prevent further complications. Don’t let all of the prevalent myths about root canal therapy stop you from having this effective and essential tooth-saving procedure. This blog will address facts about root canal. By the end of this blog, irrational fears and myths will be resolved in your mind. You will be at ease knowing this procedure will help you return to the perfect oral health you once had.

Useful information everyone should know about root canal treatment.

Here is some knowledge about root canal treatment that’ll help you prepare for the procedure. And let’s debunk some of the prevalent myths along the way!

1. Your dentist suggested the treatment, but you don’t feel pain anymore.

It’s advisable to immediately undergo root canal treatment even if the pain subsides. Many people try to bear tooth pain and delay necessary therapy for numerous reasons. But waiting for long or postponing the procedure won’t help your condition. Instead, it will worsen your condition. Delaying the root canal can also help the infection spread further.

On top of that, the chance you initially had for saving the tooth will likely become negligible. Therefore, undergo root canal therapy right away when your dentist suggests the treatment. This will help treat the infection and prevent further oral health complications.

2. Root canal treatment is not painful

Root canal treatments are meant to elevate the pain, not cause pain. Thanks to sedation dentistry, the procedure is now completely pain-free. Your dentist can administer local anesthetics to help avoid pain sensations. You’ll be good to go, and the infected tissue will be removed before you even know it.

3. Root canal treatment doesn’t cause illness

The whole point of a root canal treatment is to treat illness, not to cause it. Most of the myths you see on the internet are primarily based on research conducted by Dr. Weston Price. However, his whole study from the early 20th century has been discredited and proven wrong. Even if we believe that poorly conducted research, for instance, this treatment has been improved since then. Therefore, root canal treatment doesn’t make you sick.

4. Root canal treatments have a recovery period

After a root canal treatment, the recovery period depends on how well you followed your dentist’s instructions and took care of your mouth. As you now know, the treatment doesn’t cause any pain. But some feeling of soreness and inflammation is natural to any oral surgery. You can take regular pain-relievers and follow a soft diet to help alleviate pain or discomfort during your healing period. After some days, you will be back to your routine, pain-free lifestyle.

5. Tooth infections are not cured by antibiotics.

Some people take antibiotics when they experience a toothache. However, if you’re experiencing tooth pain due to an infection, antibiotics won’t help you at all. That’s because antibiotics need to reach the infected site through the bloodstream to make them work. In case of a tooth infection, antibiotics cannot get to the site and thus cannot effectively treat it. One way to effectively treat a tooth infection is through a root canal procedure.


Now that you know some of the facts about root canals and debunked some prevalent misconceptions, you can undergo this tooth-saving procedure without any worries. Feel free to visit A+ Star Smile Dental for root canal treatment in Houston, TX, and return to your regular, pain-free lifestyle.

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